Spanish inheritance

Managing your inheritance after a bereavement

Spanish inheritance

Important steps to take

It is a difficult time and we understand that you have many matters to take care of and not just your Spanish inheritance. However, there are some steps that it is important for you to take as soon as possible in order to safeguard your inheritance in Spain and meet the requirements of Spanish inheritance law.

Putting the process in motion

You will need to change the name on the title deed of any property and Spanish inheritance tax obligations need to be met within six months, in order to avoid a penalty fee. You may find that the inheritance tax payable is in fact less than you think. It is important to make arrangements to ensure that funds in bank accounts are not blocked and remain accessible, ensuring that utility bills are paid.

Spanish inheritance can be a straightforward process

Coping with bereavement is enough in itself. You don't want to have the additional worry of sorting out legal problems.

Choose one of these two options if you would like more advice and information about managing the inheritance process:


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