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Inheritance in Spain - a summary

People do find talking about inheritance difficult. It evokes all kinds of emotions and can be a subject we avoid until it is too late.

Changes to inheritance tax in Spain

Inheritance in Spain works very differently to how it works in many other countries. For example, even between spouses there is no automatic transfer of ownership.

Changes to donation tax in Spain

Some people make a choice that they would rather donate their property in Spain to family or friends rather than pass it on as inheritance when they die.

Abandoned property

The Spanish inheritance procedure is complicated and the requirement to pay Spanish inheritance tax can make the transfer of property more difficult.

Four steps to managing your Spanish inheritance

You have enough to cope with when someone close to you dies without adding the additional complications that come with managing Spanish inheritance.

Inheritance claims and power of attorney

Could your dreams of enjoying Spain, its climate and lifestyle, be taken over by a series of unfortunate events? We plan for our retirement, we look forward to putting the alarm clock away and then - we’ve all heard the stories, “He had his retirement party on the Friday, was dead on the Saturday.

Spanish inheritance tax for non-residents

It’s been a recurring theme in the news, non-residents have been treated differently to residents when it comes to Spanish inheritance tax.

Inheritors at different levels

In Spain there are different levels of allowance you can receive before inheritance tax must be paid.


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